Established in 2010, as a complete Wireless Solution Provider that specializes in Digital Two-Way Radio Communication & Solutions.

Backed by a dedicated team of skilled engineers, technology partner and R&D specialist, we provides Digital Radio Communications Solutions covering field hardware, command center, software and system integration as well as system management and system design service.


Professional Smart Walkie Talkie

NEXCOMS is professional applications software for Push to Talk Over Cellular (PoC).

Push to Talk Over Cellular (PoC) is a new way of communicating via cellular phone within or between one or several group of users. The application allows customer to use their cellular phone in a way to a “Walkie-Talkie”

The key advantages of PoC over standard cellular phone call are quick call setup and no dial numbers required. By simply pressing a key on the phone, every member of group can hear the talker simultaneously and immediately without having to press the answer key.

Communications Anywhere Without Distance Limit

The main design goals of the NEXCOMS server are manageable, scalability and extensibility.

Server architecture is designed in accordance with the available specification and the integration requirements of mobile phone operator. Real-Time PTT Voice and Video sharing from anywhere with no distance limit.

NEXCOMS provides communication environment between IP Based Push-To-Talk and Conventional Two-Way Radio